•China Rose Radish (Raphanus sativus): A beautiful cylindrical bright pink radish! Radishes grow to about 5-8” long and 2” wide. The seeds can be grown as a root vegetable, as pictured, or sprouted for a crunchy, spicy addition to any salad. Great for spring and fall gardens. 55 days until maturity.



•Shipping: Shipped in a standard letter via USPS without tracking. Seed packet and envelope are made of 100% recycled paper.



•About Our Farm: While we are not certified organic, we do follow vegan organic (veganic) practices (no pesticides, no chemical fertilizers, and no domesticated animal inputs; just compost and love). These seeds are open-pollinated and were grown in 2021 in Western North Carolina.



•Growing Instructions: Sow seeds directly in the garden in early spring or early fall. Space seeds 1” apart and plant .5” deep. Water consistently (but don’t overdo it) as cracks in the roots may develop in the case of drought, followed by heavy rain. When the seedlings develop their second set of leaves (true leaves), thin to 4” apart. Continue watering consistently until harvest time (~55 days).



•Please message me with any questions you may have :) Also, if you’re interested in learning more about us, our growing practices, and what we’re up to throughout the year, follow us on Instagram at: @asimina_acres

250+ China Rose Radish Seeds