•Florida Giant Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus): A light pink watermelon with a dark green skin, this watermelon variety dates back to the 1940s in Florida. Fruits can grow up to 80 pounds if you let them! A must-have summertime fruit for your garden. Great eaten fresh with basil or mint. Or make watermelon slushies by giving the de-seeded fruit a whirl in the blender!



•Shipping: Shipped in a standard letter via USPS without tracking. Seed packet and envelope are made of 100% recycled paper.



•About Our Farm: While we are not certified organic, we do follow vegan organic (veganic) practices (no pesticides, no chemical fertilizers, and no domesticated animal inputs; just compost and love). All of our seeds are open-pollinated and were grown in Western North Carolina. These seeds were grown and harvested in 2021.



•Growing Instructions: Sow outdoors 2-3 weeks after your last frost date in the spring, spacing the seeds 3-4’ apart, and burying them 1/2-1” deep. Watermelons will spread wide, so make sure there is ample room for their sprawling vines. Keep the soil moist to ensure good germination, then water twice weekly, once established. Watermelons will first bloom, then set fruit. Fruit is ripe when the tendril closest to the fruit stem has become brown and dry and when there is a solid yellow circle on the bottom of the watermelon where it has been resting on the ground. Cut at the stem closest to the watermelon with pruning shears and store fruits indoors or in the fridge. Picking watermelons at just the right stage is an art that can best be learned through practice and experience. Letting the fruits stay too long on the plant risks the fruits becoming too over-saturated with water, diluting its sweetness. Also be sure to harvest ripe watermelons if a heavy rainstorm is in the forecast, as too much rain at once can cause fruit to bloat so much that they crack open. Watermelon plants do not tolerate frosts well, so be sure to finish harvesting before the first frost in the fall.



•Please message me with any questions you may have :) Also, if you’re interested in learning more about us, our growing practices, and what we’re up to throughout the year, follow us on Instagram at: @asimina_acres

20+ Florida Giant Watermelon Seeds